There is a lot of misconception on the word Feminism. Lots of people get turned off by the term Feminism. They feel or believe it is misandry, which is wrong. You must understand a term before you criticize it.
Feminism is not the hatred towards men. The point of feminism is not to discriminate against men. Feminism is not a movement to discourage men. It is not a movement plotting to pull men out of power. It is also not a movement to promote women superiority.
People misunderstand this term, There are misandrist out there claiming to be Feminist. That is Toxic not feminism.
This are the misconceptions we must clarify. On the other hand, Feminism is a move towards equal opportunity for women and have be intellectual equals to men. Feminism seeks equal compensation. Feminism seeks to embrace female sexually and celebrate it. Because in our societies today women are shunned for having multiple sexual partners whereas men are celebrated for the same behaviors.

Feminism is for everyone, there are men who join in the movement. These men are also feminist. So we see that feminism is not misandry.

We women have accepted our surbodinate role in the society, for religious, cultural reasons or whatever. Which i don’t consider right. We must emancipate ourselves.
Well, the world is changing. Women have been pushing Feminism for long and we can see that women are heard in our societies today.

Women have rights in our society today. Unlike before when women were pushed into marriage homes forcefully, when they were not allowed to vote, when they were labelled as housewives and nothing else. When the only thing they were to do was to submit to their husband.
We have to appreciate great women who stood for us. Things have changed but not totally eradicated. And Feminism will continue to be relevant till we set free from discrimination because of our gender.

There is one topic i consider, which should be acted on. “Rape”. The idea that if a girl is raped then it is her fault and not the Man’s, for she led him to. This is wrong, totally wrong. Rape is violence, Men should be able to control themselves no matter what and the woman should not totally be blamed.

We now have opportunities to speak, so therefore we must realize this opportunities and promote ourselves, change things we can. Join in the movement and promote our rights as women in the society. There are women out there doing un believable things and until you emancipate yourself you would never see the hidden things within.

Having to accept you are nothing more than where the society has placed you is a form of mental slavery. You must resist Societal mould and pressure. You may be seen as a threat and labeled disrespectful but it shouldn’t hinder a move that would help the society and encourage little girls growing up with the same mould.

By seraph caleb



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