More than religion

The son of man has made a clear Revelation to mere mortals of the time to await.
There’s room for beautiful encounter but only if ye harken to his voice.Messages have passed through time but the quickening of the spirits of man remained passive and tied to flesh.

There was an altar once upon a time filled with flames of men who were willing to burn with no obstacles.
Watchmen! I see all around the temple like fruits they grow with anoda seed .
We have passed the season of religion, the lion wants to roar above all our pretence, there’s a deep spring that yearns to break .
We now seat on our thrones, man have strayed.
The lord seeks a watchman but with total pain he watched us slip from his hands.
There’s a light that I behold. I carry a fire within me that I hold on to like an egg .
I plea to take it every where.
I prayed for invasion but I understand he needs permission.
I dream dreams beyond comprehension but in his presence I see the Revelation through other men.
I see men crying for mercy behold in utmost calmness I felt the presence of his angels comforting the souls of men and releasing fresh oil.
There’s more to await still yet

By Rotnen peter


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