Move for Social change

by Janet Caleb

  • Our country Nigeria needs change and one person cannot do it, we have to do it together.. Our voices as youths needs to be heard in our society.
    In this country we face challenges and problems. One of our problems is Lack of Organized efforts. The mentality of every man for himself, if you have a car, you don’t care that public transport is terrible, if you can afford expensive private school you do not care that public school are terrible. Until there are unified and organized efforts to solve basic problems, nothing will change. Another basic Factor of slow development in Nigeria is Lack of data, the government cannot give an exact number of public school students in Nigeria. Exact number of farmers, teachers, e.t.c. When there is no data, governance cannot work. Government especially at the local government level must invest heavily in data.
    We also have problems like weak institutions; imagine you can’t fo business,even roadside business without registering online. Imagine you pay tax, no matter who you are. Imagine NEPA sends text to inform you when you’ll have light or not. Imagine the police not asking for money before doing their jobs. Imagine that no soldier dare lay hands on civilians without an approved reason to do so. Imagine courts resolve most civil issues within three days. Imagine there’s an office for unemployed people, disabled people e.t.c. where the government has programs for such persons.

every area has town councils and there is Zero hunger program to eradicate hunger from the poorest areas through agricultural programs e.t.c Imagine we had all this. What a great country would we be moving towards.

Move for Social change
Move for Social change

So what are the solutions and how do we achieve all these one may ask. First thing we need to do is determine what the Nigerian dream is. A benchmark on which we can define happiness. A lot of young people are depressed because they don’t know their place in the future. They are literates but unskilled. Which means they can’t get get jobs. When they do the pay isn’t fantastic. There are too much pressure, housing, food, clothing, education, e.t.c are increasingly expensive and 90% can’t keep up.
The Nigerian dream is a house that is yours, family. A work that you love and important contribution to the society. Food on the table, sufficient electricity, Internet access, comfortable transportation, friends, entertainment. If everybody chase this, we can have a more satisfied society and work with each other to provide it for ourselves. We must decide to privatize governance by electing to do things government are not doing.
Young people aren’t doing enough all they do us sit and complain. Young people should be leading mega rallies, going from house to house, sensitizing the population, forming parties, giving attention to matter that will determine their future. Youths must start taking responsibilities. The past government failed

We are on the same teach. Too few people are serious about making change.
It could be much better, It could be much worse. It’s left for us to choose.

In summary, just three things you need to improve your life as a Nigerian.
1. Focus on solving a problem. I’ve listed some as part of the Nigerian dream. Housing, electricity, food, entertainment, education, transportation, clothing.
These industries define quality of life, pay less attention to your sociology course or to selling oil perfume and dedicate your life to solving one of these problems

2. Be interested in politics. Go to rallies, go to protests, repost content on social media, explain to your neighbors. Sensitize against bad governance. Lets enforce the culture against bad governance. Lets enforce the culture that bad governance will no longer be tolerated.

3. Be a good Nigerian. Don’t steal, pay your taxes, Don’t cut lines, help the poor, contribute to society.

Believe we can make change find a purpose. End hunger, make food chapter. Give quality skills to the unskilled. It will scale. We’ll all be better for it. We young people are the future of the Nigerian society and together we can make change

Written by Janet Caleb


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